Gridtential has developed a proprietary technology for an advanced lead-acid battery that replaces the metal grid in current lead-acid battery designs with a silicon substrate. The Gridtential technology yields higher energy density, longer cycle life and deeper depth-of-discharge than incumbent products. The manufacturing of the silicon substrates leverages existing high-throughput, cost-effective solar cell processing equipment. We will license the technology to existing lead-acid battery manufacturers worldwide in an extremely capital efficient, high-margin business model.

Our Brand

Gridtential is an innovative company taking technology which combines a high-quality, modern manufacturing technology with novel materials and unique design to create a battery with double the energy density, high efficiency and long life. We stand for high-performance; taking a different approach to making the inexpensive and well-understood chemistry work better.

We also want people to know we’re a trustworthy brand, providing accurate information about the stage of our development program and the expected performance of our technology. Finally, we are a vibrant and caring company that provides good benefits, a flexible work and vacation schedule and supports team members’ personal development goals.