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It’s the battery​ ​you need to meet demand for affordable, low- emission applications. Silicon Joule batteries are lighter, charge faster, more abuse tolerant, and last longer than conventional lead batteries.

Silicon Joule’s unique stack-and-seal architecture makes it possible to produce a bipolar monoblock​ ​battery of any voltage, from 2V to 48V or anything in between. That scalability helps you tailor products to specific customer demands.

Lithium-ion ​EV batteries​ may power drive motors today, but what will power the energy-hungry computers and screens in the cars of the future? Silicon Joule batteries offer a lighter fast-discharge solution for the automotive industry.

Larger vehicles, like RVs, will need safe and fast-charging batteries to power electronics and appliances when the engine is off.

Silicon Joule advantage:

    • Superior Dynamic Charge Acceptance (DCA): 2.0+ A/Ah enables efficient, high-wattage energy recuperation from alternators or regenerative braking systems.
    • Tightly packaged, stacked architecture provides outstanding vibration resistance.
    • Can withstand sustained 6g oscillations without damage or performance degradation.
    • Possibility for the first ASIL-rated lead battery, ​opening up high-performance hybrid vehicle applications.
    • Lower cost than lithium with equivalent lifetime.
    • Safe architecture allows placement anywhere in a vehicle without heavy blast-proof cages or fire suppression systems.

Cars are not the future in many parts of the world, where smaller and lower-cost transport is in high demand. Whether it’s a golf cart, e-bike, scooter or tuk-tuk, Silicon Joule batteries​ ​ are greener, safer and less expensive than lithium ion. Wheelchair manufacturers will also benefit from a long cycle life, enabling wheelchair batteries to last as long as Medicare replacement timeframes require.

Parallelizing high-voltage batteries rather than series-connecting low-voltage batteries ensures a vehicle will always be ready to go. Silicon Joule batteries improve an operator’s quality of life with decreased charge times, longer life and improved reliability.

Silicon Joule advantage:

    • Long cycle life: >2,000 cycles helps daily-cycle vehicles last more than 5 years
    • Resilient to high temperatures (up to 85°C ambient), not a fire hazard like lithium ion.
    • Lighter and high-voltage, enabling riders to go further and faster.
    • Faster recharge: More than 40% faster than conventional lead.

Millions of electrified industrial vehicles move materials, clean floors and haul loads every day. From forklifts to floor sweepers, these applications require reliable, low-cost batteries. Silicon Joule lengthens the battery system’s lifetime and cuts the charge time in half. Vehicles can be working longer and spending less time at the charge station, making them more productive and lowering operating costs.

Silicon Joule advantage:

  • Faster recharge: More than 40% faster than conventional lead, with better charge efficiency.
  • Long cycle life: >2,000 cycles at deep depths of discharge.
  • Safety: Unlike lithium, no special precautions needed to prevent fires or explosions.
  • Abuse tolerant: Will tolerate overcharge, over-discharge, vibration and shock without compromising performance.

Millions of home energy storage systems will be installed in the next decade, and homeowners want them to be safe. Silicon Joule batteries offer an affordable and reliable solution without the fire hazards of lithium ion.

Silicon Joule advantage:

    • 8–10 years of battery lifetime.
    • 2–4 hours discharge ideal for PV time shifting and TOU reduction.
    • Fewer electronics needed, reducing overall system cost.
    • Not a fire hazard and no risk of thermal runaway like lithium.
    • Fewer control electronics and no fire-suppression system needed, reducing installation cost.
    • Batteries are easily recyclable at end-of-life.

Cloud computing, telecom and other key industries need a backup battery system that’s reliable, affordable and scalable. Silicon Joule batteries, which last much longer than a regular lead battery, give those industries a green and robust technology to lower costs and increase reliability.

Silicon Joule advantage:

    • More tolerant in extreme environmental conditions. Can safely operate 10°C higher than conventional lead or lithium-ion without needing a cooling system.
    • Lack of conventional grids eliminates grid-growth failure mechanisms.
    • 10–15 years of system operation.
    • Can be stored in areas designated as fire risk.
    • Flexible voltage will match any system’s needs, eliminating series connections to improve reliability.
    • Minimal electronics reduces overall system cost.
    • More than 40% faster than conventional lead to recharge after an outage.

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