Today’s Infrastructure for Tomorrow’s Needs

By coupling two commodity infrastructures, lead batteries and silicon wafers, Gridtential has cracked storage costs. Gridtential’s Silicon Joule battery technology is designed to be compatible with the world’s existing lead battery infrastructure. The company’s unique licensing model also allows lead battery manufacturers worldwide to compete against new and emerging technology threats without gigascale capital investments.

…as compared to current standard lead-acid battery performance

A Material Advantage

Through a dynamic material approach that integrates silicon into traditional lead chemistry, Gridtential’s Silicon Joule® Technology is enabling the next generation of high-performance, low-cost batteries. The fully recyclable Silicon Joule battery yields vastly increased cycle life, improved power and energy densities, and excellent thermal properties.

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“East Penn continues to explore advanced battery technologies, and the company strongly believes that lead-based solutions will play a significant role in powering future needs. The remarkable strides that Gridtential has made in demonstrating advancements from a traditional lead-battery design helps prove that East Penn’s lead battery beliefs are well-founded.”
— Kevin Smith, East Penn VP of Technology