Safer and lower cost than lithium-ion.
Lighter and more powerful than lead.

Renewable energy storage is one of the most pressing challenges of our time. How will we store enough energy to power millions of personal mobility vehicles, homes and offices? Existing battery technologies present cost, safety and performance challenges. Emerging alternatives are years from mass production.

Gridtential has a different approach. Our breakthrough Silicon Joule technology transforms the ubiquitous lead battery into a safe, long-lasting, high-power source of energy. By changing the material and architecture in a lead battery, we have cracked a decades-old energy storage problem.

Best of all, we don’t need to wait for multibillion dollar factories to be built. Silicon Joule batteries can be made in today’s factories using 80% of existing equipment.

If we want to live in a sustainable, battery-powered future, the time to start is now.


High power

Higher power density than any battery available today.


Cycles = Long Life

Log more than 4X the cycles of an AGM battery.


High Voltage

Simple stacking architecture allows scalable battery voltage.

Technology ready for today’s factories
that shatters yesterday’s limitations

Silicon Joule’s advanced ​AGM battery technology ​accomplishes what engineers have tried to do for decades: make a battery that performs like lithium-ion but is just as safe and low-cost as lead. Integrating solar wafer technologies to revitalize conventional lead chemistry, our unique battery design achieves 4X longer life, up to 5X dynamic charge acceptance and up to 35% less weight. Designed to make manufacturing transitions easy, Silicon Joule batteries can be assembled on existing production lines. There’s no need to build expensive new plants.

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