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Gridtential works with the world’s largest and most influential AGM battery suppliers and distributors. Many of our manufacturing partners are also investors, helping Gridential expand manufacturing support, bolster research and development, and produce more reference batteries so partners and OEMs can test them for commercial use.

Whether you’re a battery manufacturer looking to catalyze your business growth and compete with lithium, or an OEM aiming to differentiate your products and capitalize on the move to electrification, Silicon Joule can get you there faster.

Become a Silicon Joule partner and see for yourself how advanced AGM batteries, ready for cost-effective mass production today, will catapult your business forward.

Differentiate your products with Silicon Joule batteries

    • Save precious weight with 30% lighter energy storage than AGM – increase miles-to-charge.
    • Keep your vehicles on the road longer with less idle time, faster recharge and longer cycle life.
    • Capture regenerative braking with high DCA.
    • Offer safe, long-lasting, low-cost energy storage for homes and small businesses.
    • Travel farther between charges with the comfort of 80% DoD and ability to handle prolonged partial SoC.
    • Increase safety and reliability with redundant parallel blocks.

Join the wave of advanced AGM batteries with Silicon Joule technology

    • Offer products for emerging applications with scalable voltage — stack-and-seal architecture allows for 2V to 48V.
    • Recapture market share from lithium ion.
    • Deliver start/stop and mild-hybrid with low-cost, long-lasting 48V.
    • Fewer warranty claims with improved abuse tolerance.
    • Compete with batteries that cycle the lifetime of the vehicle.
    • Start production today with minimum changes to your factory.

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