Gridtential Reference Battery

As part of a Silicon Joule development program, this reference battery is intended to show the viability of the bi-polar architecture and validate standardized Capacity, Impedance and Cycle Life.  

U10.2.3 6V DUF.png

Reference Specification:

Battery Type: Silicon Joule Bipolar
Normal Voltage: 6V (3 cells)
Rated Capacity:
20-hr (0.75A to 10.5V):     15.0 Ah
5-hr (2.64A to 10.2V):       13.2 Ah
2-hr (6.15A to 9.60V):       12.3 Ah
Max Discharge Current:     150 A
Max Recharge Current:     <= 10 A
Expected Cycle Life:         >500 @C2 100%DoD

Approximate Weight:
8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)

Cycling Temperature Range:
-18 C to 50 C

Charging Voltage @ 68˚F (20˚C):
Standby Use: 2.27 V/Cell
Cycle Use: 2.45 V/Cell
Case: ABS

Dimensions :
L:  9.33 in (237 mm)
W: 3.39 in (86 mm)
H:  7.75 in (197 mm)

Presales available; For more information, please contact:

Gridtential Energy, Inc.
809 Aldo Avenue
Suite 102
Santa Clara, California 95054
+1-408 752-2881

Suggested testing protocols for the Energy Reference Battery: (Deep discharge app)

  1. Marine

    • SAE J2185 Endurance

    • SAE J537 CCA

    • EN 50341-1 Charge Retention

  2. Motive

    • BCIS 06 or IEC6105 - 1

    • SAE J537 Charge Acceptance

    • EN 50342-1 Charge Retention

  3. Stationary

    • SAE J2185 Endurance

    • SAE J537 Charge Acceptance

    • IEC60896-21 Float Service

This battery is primarily a “proof of concept” Silicon Joule technology bipolar battery and for internal evaluation only. It is based on Gridtential’s development kit and is not intended to perform like a fully optimized commercially produced battery.

Expected Cycle Life*:  > 500 @ C2 100% DoD
Impedance:                  20 milliohms
Energy density:            32 wh/kg

* For comparison, a production Silicon Joule battery will be 2500 cycles at 80% DOD, 3 - 30 milliohms impedance, 55 – 60 wh/kg energy density.

Reference batteries are part of the Test Bundle provided by the Technology Evaluation Agreement

Reference Batteries Available Q4 2019