Tapping into a $40B Market Opportunity Through Innovative Licensing

Through the company’s innovative licensing model, Gridtential provides its technology to global lead battery manufacturers for an accelerated pathway towards continued innovation to navigate new market demand, enabling the $40B industry to compete against new and emerging technology threats without gigascale capital investments.

  • 1/3 the cost of competitors, Silicon Joule technology enables low current, high voltage batteries to increase efficiency in many applications, making it a compelling choice for many storage applications including distributed grid storage, hybrid automotive, and personal mobility.

  • While the energy sector has shown excitement around a gigafactory for battery storage, Gridtential is thinking bigger, much bigger. Today’s lead industry already has a 500GW hour capacity that is 70x the size of a single gigafactory.

  • By coupling two commodity infrastructures, lead batteries and silicon wafers, Gridtential has cracked storage costs, with its stack-and-seal battery configuration, allowing existing lead battery manufacturers to increase their output without increasing their financial burden.

“We are very excited about the potential for the Gridtential technology, and the advantages it can provide our customers. It will take lead acid battery performance and life up to the next level.”
— Shawn Peng, Leoch International, Vice President of Technology