Single Cell


Today we achieved our third target milestone – building a single-cell battery.

What is the Single Cell Milestone?

This milestone moves us away from the “beaker cell” to a new single-cell development platform. The achievement of this milestone shows our ability to form advanced battery plates, secure them into a cell casing and cycle the cell successfully.

Why is this an important milestone?

The single cell is the basic unit that will be used to build full-scale batteries with higher current and voltage. Our new single-cell development platform demonstrates:

  • Control of the footprint of the active mass during formation
  • Validation of the cell casing that will be used through our alpha testing phase
  • No leakage around the plates – a key concern in bi-polar batteries
  • A uniform environment for material & process optimization

What are the next key milestones?

  • Bi-Polar Plate – formation of a single plate with an anode on one side and cathode on the other
  • Multi-Cell Battery – assembly of multiple cells to create a higher voltage battery

The Gridtential engineering team has once again gone above and beyond – along with achieving this milestone, they have built a number of tools and capabilities into our test platform and performance database so that our development process will be fully data-driven.

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as they are available. Thank you for your support of Gridtential Energy.