Multi-Cell Battery

Today we achieved our fifth target milestone – assembling and operating a multi-cell Gridtential battery.

What is the Multi-Cell Battery Milestone?

This milestone demonstrates that Gridtential’s proprietary bipolar plates can be used to build an operating multi-cell battery.

Why is this an important milestone?

A single-cell battery operates at around 2 Volts. Typical real-world applications for batteries operate at much higher voltages: from 12 Volts to 380 Volts and up. The ability to “stack” single cells together to create a higher-voltage battery is therefore a key requirement for a commercial battery. With the achievement of this milestone, Gridtential has demonstrated:

  • Linear scaling of the battery voltage per cell
  • Many deep discharges (to 80%) and re-charges of the battery
  • Increased linear cell density from 1.5 to 3.3 cells per centimeter – previously a separate milestone that we have achieved early
  • Repeatable multi-cell build and test platform, including updated cycling and monitoring circuitry
  • A fixture & process for creating Active Mass on multiple plates at once, increasing our plate throughput
  • A test stack design that allows for non-destructive disassembly of the cells for post-operating analysis of the individual battery plates. The test cell casings are re-usable.

What are the next key milestones?

  • Grant Project #1 Completed – demonstration and documentation of the key performance criteria of a multi-cell Gridtential battery for the California Energy Commission EISG grant project
  • Active Mass Adhesion – improvement in the adhesion & durability of active mass on each side of the bipolar plates
  • Active Mass Porosity – demonstration of ability to control porosity and other Active Mass characteristics during the fabrication process
  • Full-Size Plate – Manufacture of the first full-size battery plate using the fabrication processes and techniques developed thus far.
  • First Alpha Unit – delivery of the first Alpha Unit for external testing in both a laboratory setting and in a real application

The multi-cell battery build process enabled the Gridtential Engineering team to tune the Active Mass fabrication process and significantly improve the monitoring & control circuitry. This has resulted in higher performance as well as more accurate and reliable data capture. Go team!

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as they are available. Thank you for your support of Gridtential Energy.