First Voltage


Today we achieved our first target milestone – demonstrating that Gridtential’s unique battery plates can be charged and generate full voltage.

What is the First Voltage Milestone?

This milestone is a successful demonstration of Gridtential’s novel and proprietary process of creating active material on the battery plates. After both anode and cathode plates were fabricated, the plates were submerged in a “beaker cell” and charged. Once charged the test cell generated full voltage potential and held that potential for an extended period.

Why is this an important milestone?

Previous proof of concept tests, performed in a University environment, were based on simulations of some of the key fabrication processes because the real manufacturing equipment was not available. This test showed that:

  • Use of the real manufacturing equipment resulted in superior active material
  • The voltage generated indicates good active material characteristics
  • The active material formation process is controllable and repeatable

What are the next key milestones?

  • First Cycle – a repeated charge and discharge of the active material
  • Single Cell – installation of plates with active material into an open cell
  • Multiple Cell – assembly of multiple cells to create a higher voltage battery

This milestone was achieved ahead of schedule by a technical team that has only been together for a short time. It is exciting to work with such a professional and productive team!

This achievement would not have been possible without the expert assistance and dedication of our first Strategic Partner, Intevac. Thank you to the Intevac team!

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as they are available. Thank you for your support of Gridtential Energy.