First Cycle

First Cycle Badge

Today we achieved our second target milestone – a repeated charge and deep discharge cycle of the Gridtential battery plates.

What is the First Cycle Milestone?

This milestone demonstrates that the active material formed by Gridtential’s unique process is resilient through repeated charge and discharge cycles. A “beaker cell” using Gridtential proprietary battery plates was charged and then deeply discharged multiple times. The capacity of the beaker cell held constant for multiple cycles where discharge times were in excess of one hour.

Why is this an important milestone?

A key benefit expected from our proprietary plate formation process is a durable active mass that will have a long cycle life under deep discharge conditions. This test showed that:

  • The adhesion of the active material to the plate surface is good even without the use of binders.
  • The active material can be conditioned to reach its full capacity.
  • We now have programmatic platform for creating, conditioning and testing battery plates with granular data capture capabilities.

What are the next key milestones?

  • Bi-Polar Plate – formation of a single plate with an anode on one side and cathode on the other
  • Single Cell Battery – installation of plates with active material into an open cell
  • Multi-Cell Battery – assembly of multiple cells to create a higher voltage battery

This milestone was achieved ahead of schedule and resulted from the creation of a solid experimental platform and a series of creative experimental approaches. The Gridtential technical team rocks!

This achievement would not have been possible without the continued assistance and dedication of our first Strategic Partner, Intevac. Thank you to the Intevac team!

We look forward to sharing further updates with you as they are available. Thank you for your support of Gridtential Energy.