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2x faster discharge at same efficiency
2x greater available energy at same weight
2x cycle life improvement at 80% depth-of-discharge

Technology Validation

Multiple high performance alpha batteries completed and available for independent testing.
Battery partner building batteries using Gridtential plates in harsh cycling and accelerated aging tests.
Key engineering milestones ahead include continued cycle life and capacity validation; commercial casing design.

Low-Cost, High-Performance, Fabless Battery Technology

Battery_2Introducing the Silicon Joule Battery by Gridtential. It is the smallest and lightest battery of a conventional 12V battery with 2x faster discharge at same efficiency, 2x greater available energy at same weight, and 2x life improvement at 80% depth-of-charge. We have developed a proprietary technology for an advanced lead-acid battery that replaces the metal grid in current lead-acid battery designs with a silicon substrate. The Gridtential technology yields higher energy density, longer cycle life and deeper depth-of-discharge than incumbent products. The manufacturing of the silicon substrates leverages existing high-throughput, cost-effective solar cell processing equipment. We will license the technology to existing lead-acid battery manufacturers worldwide in an extremely capital efficient, high-margin business model.


Our vision is to see the new battery technology used in electric vehicles such as scooters… It’s scalable design also allows for it to be used in data centers as a mean for back up power. Utility companies can also scale the battery as a mean of power storage when excess energy has been produced and tap into its energy during peak demand hours. [ Photo of Scooter ] [ Photo of Data Center ] [ Photo of Utility Company ]