Alpha Program

Please email us if you are interested in becoming a Gridtential partner.

Silicon Joule BatteryGridtential is interested in developing partnerships with battery manufacturers and resellers. Our Silicon Joule battery is a proprietary technology for an advanced lead-acid battery that replaces the metal grid in current lead-acid battery designs with a silicon substrate. The Gridtential technology yields higher energy density, longer cycle life and deeper depth-of-discharge than incumbent products. The manufacturing of the silicon substrates leverages existing high-throughput, cost-effective solar cell processing equipment. We will license the technology to existing lead-acid battery manufacturers worldwide in an extremely capital efficient, high-margin business model. Two leading U.S. lead-acid battery companies are already engaged with Gridtential.

Market Opportunity
  • Incumbent $31 billion dollar lead-acid battery industry with an initial focus on personal mobility applications (wheelchairs, e-bikes, scooters, etc.), portable power equipment, and stationary backup (uninterruptible power supplies, cell towers, etc).
  • Emerging distributed energy storage market, such as integration with renewable energy, demand management and micro-grid applications.
Competitive Economic Advantage
  • 2x faster discharge at same efficiency
  • 2x greater available energy at same weight
  • 2x cycle life improvement at 80% depth-of-discharge
Business Model
  • High margin technology licensing and component sales to existing battery manufacturers
Technology Validation
  • Multiple high performance alpha batteries completed and available for independent testing
  • Battery partner building batteries using Gridtential plates in harsh cycling and accelerated aging tests
  • Key engineering milestones ahead include continued cycle life and capacity validation; commercial casing design
Intellectual Property
  • 7 patent and provisional applications filed (worldwide)
  • Claims cover broad usage of silicon as a bipolar battery plate substrate, applicable to multiple chemistries
  • 3 Trademark applications filed

Please email us with you information, if you would like to become a Gridtential partner.